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  • Target Trophy Fish: Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish – challenge yourself against these magnificent creatures!
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More Than Just Fishing:

  • Island Paradise Awaits: Relax on pristine beaches or explore breathtaking cays between fishing excursions.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Capture the essence of the Bahamas – the thrill of the catch, the beauty of the surroundings.

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The Exumas are a string of islands stretching through the Southern Bahamas. Great Exuma is the largest of these islands and its greatest appeal is its relative lack of tourists and commercialization. The island also offers some of the best sailing in the world, great fishing, spectacular beaches, luxury hotels, gourmet dining and friendly, down to earth locals. Many magnificent coral reefs are located in this part of the world making snorkeling and scuba diving an incredible experience as well.  Here in Exuma We have the best Exuma Fishing Charters and you will have a great experience.

Staying at Sandals Exuma, Emerald Bay Exuma , than enjoy a  fishing charter  in Exuma! We have The Best Exuma Fishing Charters.  Of all the Bahamas islands there is no water more beautiful than Great Exuma and the Exuma Cays. Numerous travel and destination publications have rated and recommended the Exumas including Conde Nast Traveller, Islands Magazine, New York Times and many others. The Exumas is also the location for the first land and sea park of its kind in the world.

For those who love the thrill and those who never experienced the thrill of hooking up we  can also dish up some light tackle  for those less experienced or beginners.

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Our fishing crews have been fishing most of their lives, are highly skilled, and our Charters are considered by most locals to be the best charter operations. We have the best fishing charters in Exuma, including deep sea fishing charters in Exuma. Our fishing charters in Exuma, are a great experience and fun! Exuma Fishing Charters are what to do in Exuma on a cruise.

We are here to ensure your fishing charters in Exuma are one of the best experiences of your life. Exuma is the one of, if not the best destinations. There are many fishing charters operating in the area and not all are good. Sifting through them for the perfect one for you, can prove rather difficult, but no worries, we have the best ones for you. Our fishing crews have been fishing most of their lives, are highly skilled, and our Charters are considered by most locals to be the best Exuma fishing charter operations. We have the best fishing charters in Exuma, including deep sea fishing charters in Exuma. Our fishing charters in Exuma, are a great experience.

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Catching fish such as shark, sailfish, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper, tuna, wahoo, and others is extremely satisfying and you will love the possibility and challenge! We collect no payment information at this time, but if you decide to book, we accept all major credit cards.


No Surprises; Our Charters include All Equipment, Tackle, and Standard Bait and Fuel too!

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Exuma is an archipelago of 365 cays and islands located in the Bahamas. It is known for its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, making it a popular destination for fishing.

Great Exuma Island has a population of fewer than 4,000 people and offers peace and serenity. In comparison to other Caribbean islands, Great Exuma is not overrun by tourists and cruise ships. On the contrary, the island is relatively secluded and offers you the chance to hide away on a pristine white sand beach, or enjoy a picnic in a private cay.

If culture is what you are looking for, Great Exuma has it in abundance. Visit the remains of cotton growing and salt farming plantations at Williams Town. Or, take a trip to the fascinating ancient salt ponds. History comes alive at Elizabeth Harbor which was once a favorite haunt for pirates. The harbor is home to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the first land and sea park in the world to be declared a national park.

There are several types of fishing available in Exuma, such bottom fishing involves using heavier tackle and bait to catch bottom-dwelling species such as grouper, snapper, and amberjack. This type of fishing is usually done in deeper waters and can be a great way to target larger fish.

Sport fishing, also known as game fishing, involves targeting larger predatory species such as marlin, tuna, and wahoo. Exuma is known for its excellent sport fishing, and many anglers travel to the area specifically to target these species. Exuma fishing charters com does it!  Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking to try your hand at fishing for the first time, Exuma has something to offer for everyone.

Exuma  is known for its deep sea or big game fishing, and the surrounding ocean is home to some huge predators, including mahi,wahoo,  tuna, and sharks. For anglers, there’s no greater challenge than pitting yourself against one of these fish. Record catches are set all over Bahamas as fishermen from around the world cast their reels for the ultimate prize. See if you have what it takes to arrange your own Exuma fishing charter.

Exuma fishing charters

There are many fishing charters available in Exuma that can take you out on the water to experience the area’s abundant marine life. Our  fishing charters in Exuma offer a variety of options, including half-day, full-day, and multi-day trips. Our fishing charters have experienced and knowledgeable captains and crew.  Regardless of which type of fishing you’re interested in, our options available in Exuma to help you make the most of your fishing adventure.!